Mamat help your online business

Lets meet Mamat. Mamat develops IT products and provides IT services to assist businesses. 

Tools & Services


Booking calendar engine for homestay. Collaboration with

Mamat Skor

Tuition Management System with Mamat Skor


E-commerce platform for physical business

Business Automation

We promote Sukasell, Bizappay, Soukapay and Kedai24 for your business

Custom Web Application

Contact Mamat for custom information web application

Mamat Training

We provide IT training especially in website development.


Mamat was created with the goal of making it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to start and grow online businesses by providing them with the right and comprehensive tools.

To begin, Mamat has few complete products such as Matbook,  Mamat Skor, Mamat Training and Kedailokal to help entrepreneurs and businesses in operating their daily business. We will continue to introduce new products on a regular basis.